Novedad: Infusiones Holle para kids: infusiones alegres y afrutadas de calidad probada Holle

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¡Esto suena a música celestial! Fruity Flamingo y Rosy Reindeer complementan a partir de ahora la gama Holle Kids. ¿Vuestro día a veces resulta agotador de tanto jugar sin descanso? Entonces descubrid las infusiones afrutadas y divertidas de Holle. 100% ecológico - sin azúcar - sin aromas, colorantes ni conservantes - a partir de 3 años.

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¡El equipo Holle desea que tú y tu hijo disfrutéis al máximo de los nuevos snacks ecológicos para niños!

Holle baby food on the move…to Sudan

Sudan, Khartoum, geographically situated in the north-eastern Africa region with approximately 38 Mio people – a place not to miss!
"In the Arab world, Sudan is well known as the fruit and vegetable garden on the Sub-Sahara (Africa) continent. Sudanese people are seen as a very thankful, friendly and respectful nation with a great understanding when it comes to sustainability and nature."


Mrs. Aziza Boughanmi, Sales Manager Middle East
"A wonderful country and people who are in love with organic - natural food - feels so good to experience this! "Mrs. Aziza visited recently the new sole distributor for Holle baby food products, Adricare Pharma in Sudan



Adricare Pharma and other guest speakers at Holle baby food's "Grand Opening - Product Introduction Event" in Omdurman, Sudan.
Holle's organic baby food products received during an unforgettable and successful event with over 200 guests (pediatricians, pharmacists, midwifes) overwhelming compliments. The high organic quality and Demeter certifications impressed the audience. We are very thankful for Dr. Kerolous (owener of Adricare Pharma) and his team for this very successful event and very happy that our products now are also available in Sudan.